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Pet Central strives to create an atmosphere where hobbyists of any level will feel comfortable and excited about keeping this planet's amazing animals.

All Photography is taken at Pet Central.


  One Spot Foxface

One Spot Foxface

Saltwater fish & corals

From "Nemo Tanks for the kids" to the most elaborate setups, we're here to help get you the fish and corals that work for your individual system.

Because...there's a lot. This is the ocean we're talking about.

  Fancy Dwarf Gourami

Fancy Dwarf Gourami

Freshwater fish & plants

The most difficult part of stocking any aquarium isn't finding fish you like, it's finding the ones that will co habitat among the hundreds that you like.

Our freshwater fish are broken into sections to further aide the selection process.

You won't believe some of the amazing freshwater fish we get in!




The best motto for our exotics is, "if you've been wanting it...and we happen to have it...don't wait".

We are extremely exclusive whom we do business with regarding our exotic breeders. Tame and healthy or we will not sell it.

For the customer, this means we don't have the most regular selection of exotics, but when we get them they're gone quick.