Why Buy a Custom Aquarium From Pet Central?

· Since opening in October 2014, we have consistently proven to be the highest quality custom aquarium builders in the area. – Refer to testimonials

· All Pet Central custom builds utilize the latest innovations in the aquarium hobby in their design to maximize the efficiency of the aquarium’s filtration systems, therefore having crystal clear water and reduced maintenance demands.

· Many of the builds being custom built, it allows us to fine tune every aspect of the aquarium to the exact demands of the customer.

· Every build is personally designed, labored, completed, and inspected by the team of the president of Pet Central, Austin and the Aquarium Professional, Jordan.


Included in all Pet Central Custom Builds:

·         Custom sump (filtration area underneath the aquarium)

·         Custom silent and triple FAILSAFE overflow design to drain water from display aquarium to sump (for filtration).

·         Vivid and bright lighting (enhanced if living corals are added).

·         High quality equipment and “life-support” systems to keep fish (and corals) healthy between maintenance servicings.

·         All necessary live rock and live sand (can be chosen by customer or Pet Central staff).

·         Custom consultations with the build team in order to ensure we are giving each customer exactly what they have envisioned in their mind.

·         Individualized 3D design of the build placed in a simulation of the room it is going in (if desired) prior to beginning the build.


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