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Pet Central About Us


Pet Central is a local pet and fish store that focuses on providing knowledge and customer service to our customers with their freshwater, and saltwater fish, corals, reptiles, and birds. We offer all the supplies, resources, and information you need to buy a pet and keep it happy and healthy.


Humble Beginnings

Pet Central was opened in Bowling Green, KY in 2014 by Austin Day - its first and only employee at the time. Since its humble beginnings, Pet Central has grown as the premier pet store in Bowling Green, KY for everything freshwater fish, saltwater fish, reptiles, birds, and supplies.



In 2021 Pet Central began offering its customer service, supplies, and awesome animals to a wider audience by offering shipping to all of the United States with an emphasis on filling the niche in the market.  With over 1,000 orders shipped throughout the United States, Pet Central has homed thousands of pets to wonderful owners! 


Pet Central Servicing Department

Pet Central Servicing Department was founded at the same time as the retail store opened!  Starting in 2014 with only one to two clients, the servicing department has grown to dentist offices, personal homes, work offices, and more! The servicing team offers custom builds through local tank manufacturers, custom installations, and maintenance! The Pet Central Servicing Department takes pride and joy in the beautiful tanks they help create and maintain! Click the link below to see! 

Pet Central Servicing

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