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Ball Pythons

Ball Pythons

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Things to Know About Your Ball Python

Lifespan & Size

On average, adult ball pythons can grow 2-5 feet long, and they live very lengthy lifespans of 20 – 30 years.



As you probably already know, ball pythons eat rodents! As babies, they will eat smaller-sized mice, and then as they grow will eat rats. If you want to read more about feeding your ball python, you can read our feeding blog here.


Ball Pythons have one of the gentlest snake temperaments. Although shy, most ball pythons warm up quickly with proper handling and care. They enjoy hanging out, wrapping around, and curling up in a ball.

We recommend you keep your snake on a consistent feeding schedule and avoid handling your snake during feeding times.



Due to Ball python size, we recommend at least a 20-gallon terrarium for a baby ball python and a 40–75-gallon terrarium for a full-grown ball python. They need a thermostat-controlled heat pad on one side of their terrarium with a hide over this spot. They, of course, need bedding to avoid directly touching the heated area through the glass. We recommend Repti-Chips or your favorite snake bedding. On the opposite side of your terrarium would be a decent size water bowl big enough for them to soak inside of. You can spruce up your terrarium by adding any reptile-safe décor!

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