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Crested Geckos

Crested Geckos

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Things to Know About Your Crested Gecko

Lifespan & Size

Crested Geckos can live on average 15-20 years and grow up to 5-10 inches!


Crested Geckos diet majorly consists of a fruit mix! We recommend and solely feed Pangea here at Pet Central (available in several flavors)! It incorporates all dietary needs and supplements. Babies need to be fed more often than adults and can benefit from insect supplements such as crickets or dubia roaches. Adult crested geckos should be fed less often, approximately three times a week.


Crested geckos generally have a docile temperament. They make for a great beginner reptile pet. They are quick and like to jump often as babies, so it is important to be gentle while handling and not overhandle as crested geckos can drop their tails when they are scared or stressed, and they do not grow them back.

You can keep multiple crested geckos together; however, you need ample space to do so. You cannot keep multiple males together since they are territorial, but you can keep females together as well as a male with females.

Crested Geckos are nocturnal and spend most of their time out at night!


Crested Geckos need a vertical rather than horizontal terrarium since they are arboreal and active climbers. We recommend Naturalistic terrariums for this reason as they provide an environment that is great for humidity control & the height needed for climbing activities!

In addition, crested geckos need lots of vines, leaves, & wood to climb around on & hide within. Although you can have a shallow water dish, their cage needs to be misted daily; you can do this with a hand mister. They will drink a lot of their water this way off leaves and the glass! You can also place hides and more wood décor on the bottom of the terrarium for hiding places! We recommend using Eco Earth for the substrate as it does well absorbing extra moisture for long periods of time.

Unlike many other reptiles, crested Geckos do not require high heat or basking spots. They thrive at temperatures between 72°-78°. This means you can keep crested geckos at room temperature, and no additional heat sources are needed. However, if temps fall below 65° in your home, we sometimes recommend that you use a low-wattage heat bulb. Temps over 80° for an extended time can overheat your crested gecko, so make sure you’re monitoring the temperature if you have a heat bulb on your gecko’s cage or if it is near a window getting sun exposure. You can do this easily and accurately with a heat gun.

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