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R.O. Water

R.O. Water

What is Osmosis? 

To understand how reverse osmosis works, it is important to understand what osmosis is.  Osmosis is a naturally occurring process of a less saline solution, migrates to a stronger saline solution.  

What is R.O. Water? 

R.O stands for reverse osmosis, which is a way to filter your water through pressure and semi-permeable filtration.  This filtration helps deionize water, getting rid of contaminates such as; salts (ions), particles, colloids, and organic material.  

When do you use R.O Water?

The best time to use R.O. water is in your aquarium!  Whenever you are needing to top off your saltwater aquarium from evaporation, you always want to use R.O water.  * THE ONLY TIME TO PUT MORE SALTWATER IN YOUR TANK IS FOR A SALTWATER AQUARIUM WATER CHANGE * 

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